Compass implementation initial deliverable is comprised of open ERP platform with core feature set and all agreed upon new features, server side managed hardware and network infrastructure, end user training, and vendor managed technical development resource(s) on a substantially dedicated or dedicated basis.

For current price list and quotation using Compass ERP platform implementing the core feature set, and two levels of technical resource provisioning, contact us. The core feature set includes: Inventory, Kits and BOMs, Work In Progress Inventory, Purchasing, Demand Planning, Forecasting, Multi-warehouse Distribution, RFID, Financials, Point of Sale, as well as third party integrations including but not limited to E-commerce Integration, CRM integration etc.

Technical development resource access guarantees client ability to develop or change any aspect of their own Compass implementation, independent of the vendorís development cycle. No managed Compass instance with an unbroken support contract ever will become deprecated.

Turn around times are highly responsive and productivity of vendor managed dedicated client development resources is several times higher than internal management of the same resource. Minor features turn around by end of same business day. Most major software features can turnaround in 4 weeks.

Having the vendor manage this process allows the client to abstract technical complexity and work on a business focused basis, interfacing their Business Analyst (BA) role with vendorís Technical Product Manager role. The Technical Product Manager role handles all resource scheduling and requisitions, specifications, test plans, and releases internal to the vendor.

Vendor Support Plan will clearly outline the resource hours and availability in the initial and renewal term of the contract. Additional ďovertimeĒ hours can be purchased, when slack is available.

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