RealTime7 retail software solutions are offered in a license adjusted residual support pricing format. Each product license is offered in accordance with a periodically adjusted price list, which is standardized and discounted for volume.

When purchasing any software product, or electronic device product developed by RealTime7, license pricing is quoted as per the current price list.

During an implementation, in addition to licensing -  customization, hardware, setup, and training charges may apply. Customizations both prior to Go Live and subsequently, that increase the total implementation, shall be factored into the annual support plan, effective the subsequent month after the customization completes and is accepted into production. Annual support payments are calculated at 20% of the total implementation cost for Silver support and 33% of implementation cost for Gold support. Support shall be adjusted for inflation each year on the basis of the Bank of Canada's public CPI inflation index for the previous calendar year.Such inflation adjustment will occur on January 31 of the calendar year, or when this information is first available, whichever occurs first, based on data for the previous year, and shall apply going forward until revised. Please visit for further details.

After implementation completes, annual residual support payments are required in order to get access to ongoing product support and maintenance.

Support levels offered are defined as follows:

  1. Gold (24/7/365)
  2. Silver (Business hours 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM EST, Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays) 

The Customer License Agreement, for both RealTime7 as the "Product and Service Provider" and the customer "Product or Service Consumer", will be executed by an authorized signing officer with the authority to bind the organization to the terms of the agreement.

For further information, please initiate a contact request through the Contact Us form on this website.

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