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Scan.EM is a UHF RFID scanner for inventory and asset control and tracking applications in retail, wholesale, supply chain, health care, and manufacturing. Scan.Em can enhance, augment, or replace barcode labels with RFID enabled labels that support wireless scanning. In addition to reading multiple labels concurrently, and at up to 50 times the speed of barcode scanners, the Scan.Em system is more accurate as each label has a unique serial number, that ensures that all labels are only read once. The system can read wirelessly through cardboard, plastic, wood, glass, and fabric whereas barcodes require line of sight visibility of each tag. This removes the requirement for de-palletizing orders or opening and counting transfers boxes to know the count of what is inside. It also considerably increases count speed, as time is not spend in locating and positioning each label for the optical scanner. Scan.Em tags also can be printed with barcodes where such functionality is required, thereby providing backward compatibility with existing systems and processes, while leveraging the speed and benefits of RFID. Organizations can therefore take advantage of both technologies.

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