The warehouse or distribution center is a key part of the retail supply chain. Retailers are a vital tier that interfaces supply and demand - products and consumers. Part of the value addition of the retail tier in the supply chain connecting producers and consumers is the management of bulk stock and its reduction into itemized consumables available to the customer within brick and mortar locations. The process of breaking down bulk stock, unitizing, pricing, and product presentation within the store location is known as the science of merchandizing.

Retail floor space is often expensive and limited. Therefore, in order to keep stores stocked with ample product, bulk storage of inventories is relegated to warehouses. RealTime7’s WMS product is a complete Warehouse Management System that helps retailers with the complex task of storing, tracking, moving, and managing inventory within the warehouse.

Within the warehouse shipping and receiving activities take place as product is received, stored, and transferred to stores on demand. RealTime7’s WMS integrates with Windows Mobile compatible hand held devices, presenting users with an intuitive hand held application on a mobile computer with barcode scanning and wireless communication capabilities that constitutes an indispensable tool for warehouse operators.

The WMS application schedules logistical personnel, supports picking, packing, staging, quality inspections, and barcoding. It also tracks inventory by bin and pallet, prints manifests, and bills of lading. Best of all it integrates and interfaces cleanly with other applications, including other RealTime7 products and third party applications.

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